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Welcome to VogMan

A Site Dedicated to Fun Tips, Ideas and Great Projects

Hi, I’m Geoff the VogMan (formerly VegOilGuy, formerly VOG - don't ask!).

I’m the kind of guy that that enjoys figuring out how things work, the sort that likes to find the best and easiest way to do things. With just an ordinary set of tools, I’ll exchange tips, ideas and maybe a few interesting projects along the way.

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To be honest, I think my YouTube videos are the quickest and easiest way to soak up the information I provide and for that reason every page contains a link to the main YouTube Video that covers that topic. However some folks, and I include myself in this, actually like to read! So for us wordy types I hope these pages are a useful extra source, backing up what the videos say and, more importantly, sharing any updates and perhaps even pointing out a few things I missed in my videos.

I can’t say I have a specialised subject – I’m quite random in the things that interest and entertain me. So when I find something that I think others might enjoy, I share it. It’s as simple as that.

I also do requests. Several subscribers have written to me and said, “Hey, how does this work?” and to date I’ve managed to help. So if there’s a topic you need help with, let me know. I can’t promise to have the answers, but I will try!

Please remember, I'm not an expert. I educate myself as best I can and try to be as accurate as possible, but I am human and can make mistakes. I won't mislead you and I certainly won't try to make you buy something from me - what's shared here is shared freely for your entertainment.

All that remains is to invite you to look through the projects listed in the menu and see if there’s anything there that interests you.


thank you. i been on here for a hour trying to find a video like this one. awesome job.

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“Where grace happens, generosity happens” - Max Lucado
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