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3D Resin Printing : Best Large Printer

Large 3D Resin printers are not for everyone. Most amateurs, for example, will struggle to find the space. Whilst the machines themselves often turn up in boxes or crates about the size of a washing machine with “Two Person Lift” stickers on the side, the prints usually tend to be no more than roughly 400mm tall. But that, of course, is still surprisingly tall and requires a lot of resin.

Here  I’ve listed the Large budget resin printers that I’ve personally owned and thoroughly tested, and even ranked them in order of recommendation. Prices aren’t included as these change too frequently, but I have included convenient price links so you can check the money side of things out for yourself.

VogMan’s Large 3D Resin Printer Picks

W x D x H
Phrozen Sonic Mega 8KS #1 43 µm L 330 x 185 x 300 mm My YouTube Review This huge monster is the cheapened down version on the Phrozen Mega 8K. There's less metal and more plastic, but all the important things are still the same making it for me, and better pick than it's expensive older brother.
Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K #2 43 µm L 330 x 185 x 400 mm My YouTube Review Massive. Solid. Excellent quality. The first and still the best. Nothing has come close so far, but you have to pay for the best. Use the code VOG10 for 10% off at the official store.
Anycubic Photon M3 Max #3 46 µm L 298 x 164 x 300 mm My YouTube Review Going LARGE but with a clever eye on cost cutting, this produces great results at a more favorable cost.
Peopoly Phenom Forge 6K #4 50 µm L 288 x 163 x 350 mm My YouTube Review Self-assembly is required here, but strangely it builds confidence and reassures you of this excellent printers capabilities. Don't overlook this one.
Elegoo Jupiter SE 6K #5 51 µm L 278 x 156 x 300 mm My YouTube Review Basically the metal Jupiter but made with more plastic. It does exactly the same job but has a lower price tag.
Elegoo Jupiter 6K #6 51 µm L 278 x 156 x 300 mm My YouTube Review Metal all over and the POSSIBLE promise of upgradeability? Don't bank on it, but do consider it.

The reasoning behind my ranking decisions has nothing to do with price. My ranking is based purely on ability, and when it comes to Large, they just don’t come any larger than the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K, at least not at the budget end of the market.

The Mega 8K not only produces the biggest prints, but also the best quality prints, making it the preferred choice of those desperate for large quality prints.

After this my choices tend to reflect printing ability more than printing size.


And don't forget you're going to need a lot of resin for these Large 3D printers. Check out my recommended resins!

About the Price Links

IF YOU ARE going to buy one of these printers, I’d be grateful if you could do it by clicking one of the links I provide. This will not cost you any extra but in some cases it can generate a small commission for me. And before the cynics say anything, no, my ranking system is NOT biased in favour of commissions… that’s not my style. These commissions aren't enough to change anyone's life, though they can help me cover the costs of this website and my various channels. However, I'd prefer to lose these commissions and speak honestly, rather than deceive someone out of hundreds so that I can earn pennies.



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