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Lost PLA Casting Tree

Making a Casting Tree with Lost PLA Casting

Once I began combining a 3D Printer with Casting, I started thinking differently about how to make my castings. An old and well used technique amongst jewellers and ornamental casters is a method known as a Casting Tree.

The reason for the name is obvious when you first see one. There's a central trunk down which the metal flows. Off the trunk are branches and these contain the items that are to be cast. Skilled casters can get hundreds of castings on a Castree Tree and it's a work of art in iteself.

I decided to have a go at 3D Printing a Casting Tree with a view to multiple casting - video below.

Frankly I was amazed how popular the video was when it came out. Clearly lots of other people had been thinking about exactly the same thing. The good news for us all is that it was a complete success.

Great stuff Geoff!

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