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Homemade WVO WMO Oil Burner Improvements

Refining and Improving my Waste Vege Oil Burner

Not long after posting my Oil Burner video on YouTube, I received feedback from a couple of subscribers suggesting how improved airflow could dramatically increase heat and effciency. That's the thing I love about YouTube - exchanging ideas - brilliant!

I'm never foolish enough to believe I have all the answers so I tried the suggested improvement and what a vast difference it made. These changes are detailed in the following video...

Later on I purchased the leaf blower and whilst this was powerful it was also fast. Whether or not air speed is the issue I don't know, probably air force is more likely, but whatever the cause when using the leaf blower I originally had a terrible time until I realised air was pushing its way back in and out of the burner through this second inlet. That meant with the leaf blower the second air inlet had to be blocked off

damn nice build! I am glad that there are still other people out there that were taught that if somethings worth doing then its worth doing right!

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