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Lost PLA Casting: Saxon (Celtic) Cross

Making a Saxon (Celtic) Cross with Lost PLA Casting

The very first object I made using the Lost PLA Casting method was a Saxon (or some folks say Celtic) Cross. I made the 3D Print design myself using a software program called Fusion 360. It was then just a matter of encasing the print in plaster, heating everything up, then pouring in the molten metal - video below.

To be honest, I was astounded by the detail. Anyone familiar with 3D Prints will be used to seeing the grain like effect of the print nozzle, hundreds of overlapping lines of filament. Every turn of the nozzle could be seen in the finished metal casting.

Ive watch several videos to try and undersrand how to install a fuse box. Yours is by far the best at explainibg how it all works. Thanks.

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