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Draper Bandsaw Model No. 84714
Video Review

Draper Bandsaw Model No. 84714

Towards the end of 2018 I was asked by Draper to Review their Bandsaw, model no. 84714. This is a mid range and well powered machine, so I was delighted to give it ago. During the course of my review, I was able to manufacturer the above sign using that very same bandsaw, so as you can see, it certainly works. You can see the video review below...

I liked this bandsaw. Sure it had its faults, but nothing that would put me off purchasing it as these were outweighed by the positives. But more than that, after I'd completed my independent review, Draper wrote to me thanking me for my honesty and advising that they were already addressing many of the issues I'd raised. To me that said a lot about this company - they cared!

Bandsaw 84714 Specs

Intended for the dedicated DIYer or the workshop, this is a mid range bandsaw with a deep cutting capacity of around 6 inches (165mm).

Motor input 750w Induction
Table size 390 x 480mm
Max cutting height 165mm
Blade speed 370/800M/min
Max width of cut 305mm
Blade length 2240mm
Table bevel angle 0-45 deg
Dimensions (carton) 1230mm x 530mm x 435mm
Table height from floor 944mm (with stand)
Dust extraction port 50, 75 and 100mm
Sound power level 83.7dB(A)
Sound pressure level 70.7dB(A)
Weight 57Kg

It has an iron, fine ground table that tilts between 0-45°. It has excellent dust collection, accommodating most vacuum fittings and a dust tray to catch anything a vacuum might miss. It has a very bright LED flexi-light that allows for easy repositioning. It comes with a sturdy fence that can be easily reconfigured for tall or low ripping uses. It even has somewhere to keep those necessary adjustment tools safe and sound.

All in all, it's a very handy machine.

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