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3D Resin Printing : Best Standard Range Printer

Once upon a time, there was only the one size budget 3D resin printer, which some call “Standard” now and others call “Small.” Companies in fact seem to be putting more effort into developing Midrange printers, which explains why there are so few printers listed below.

Here  I’ve listed the Standard sized budget resin printers that I’ve personally owned and thoroughly tested, and even ranked them in order of recommendation. Prices aren’t included as these change too frequently, but I have included convenient price links so you can check the money side of things out for yourself. But remember, Standard is a size, not a price, so you'll also see DLPs in this sections.

VogMan’s Standard 3D Resin Printer Picks

W x D x H
Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra 9K #1 18 µm S 153 x 78 x 165 mm My YouTube Review This is the Mars on steroids. An incredible printer with amazing fine detail quality. The Mars 5 Ultra may have newer toys, but for the experienced user this is my preferred option.
Elegoo Mars 5 Ultra 9K #2 18 µm S 153 x 78 x 165 mm My YouTube Review Every bit as good as the Mars 4 Ultra but with a fancy tilt mechanism and auto-plate levelling features. Ideal for a newbie to the hobby.
Elegoo Mars 4 9K #3 18 µm S 153 x 78 x 175 mm My YouTube Review The Mars 4K is a formidable printer topped only by the Mars 4 Ultra, capable of very fine printing.
Elegoo Mars 4 DLP #4 52 µm S 133 x 75 x 150 mm My YouTube Review This DLP prints as well as the Anycubic D2 but has slightly better build quality. Details are excellent.
Anycubic Photon D2 #5 52 µm S 131 x 73 x 165 mm My YouTube Review This DLP has the amazing sharp pixel print quality we expect from this technology.
Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K #6 22 µm S 165 x 72 x 180 mm My YouTube Review The first 8K and 22 micron. Incredible quality. Use the code VOG10 for 10% off at the official store.
Phrozen Sonic Mini 8KS #7 22 µm S 165 x 72 x 170 mm My YouTube Review A cheapened down version of the Mini 8K, but still packing a mighty punch. Use the code VOG10 for 10% off at the official store.
Anycubic Photon Mono 2 #8 35 µm S 165 x 143 x 189 mm My YouTube Review The best budget 35 micron printer in my opinion. Great all-rounder.
Elegoo Mars 3 Pro 4K #9 35 µm S 143 x 90 x 175 mm My YouTube Review The Mars is just a great all rounder printer, loved by many. Me included.
Anycubic Photon Ultra #10 80 µm S 102 x 58 x 165 mm My YouTube Review The original DLP, it still produces great quality prints but is probably closer in quality to a 4K 35 micron printer.
Anycubic Photon M3 4K #11 40 µm S 164 x 102 x 180 mm My YouTube Review Why the M3 exists I don´t know. It fills the same hole as the Mono 2, but costs a bit more and prints slightly less well. Good it´s still a good printer.
Creality Halot One Plus #12 40 µm S 172 x 102 x 160 mm My YouTube Review Creality has their fans and this is a gorgeous looking printer, with a UI that takes a bit of getting used to.


If you’re a newbie to Resin based 3D printing, I’d encourage you firstly to ask is resin printing really for you? If you can assure yourself of this, then ask yourself how much money you want to gamble on that assessment being true.

I’ve come across a lot of people who’ve thrown themselves into the hobby only to find the smells and the mess just aren’t for them. As I hate to see people waste money, I tend to be cautious when advising first timers, recommending that they buy small and cheap initially. If they then discover that they enjoy the hobby, then great! There are plenty of upgrade options. But if they hate it, then they haven’t wasted too much money.


In such situations the Standard range above is the ideal choice, but remember I tend to list according to ability, which obviously has a usual price increase knock-on. However, I have a Budget option which I'd strongly urge newbies to consider.


And don't forget you're going to need resin. Check out my recommended resins!

About the Price Links

IF YOU ARE going to buy one of these printers, I’d be grateful if you could do it by clicking one of the links I provide. This will not cost you any extra but in some cases it can generate a small commission for me. And before the cynics say anything, no, my ranking system is NOT biased in favour of commissions… that’s not my style. These commissions aren't enough to change anyone's life, though they can help me cover the costs of this website and my various channels. However, I'd prefer to lose these commissions and speak honestly, rather than deceive someone out of hundreds so that I can earn pennies.



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