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Casting Knives with Loam Foam Casting

How to Cast a knife from metal at home with Lost Foam Casting

Once I started Lost Foam Casting on YouTube, I started getting messages from folks asking me to cast knives. It seems knife casting is very popular on YouTube and there are whole channels dedicated to it.

Now I'm a big kid at heart and when I was growing up my uncle had a large collection of blades from around the world, so I do love them. As such I have given in to temptation a number of times to cast:

It's worth noting that these blades are wholly replicas. They can't cut / scrape / carve, etc, life a real knife. Indeed I generally go out of my way to make sure my castings don't have sharp edges. But with that said, they could still cause injury. So if you fancy making anything like this, please do so responsibly and make sure the finished item is kept locked up out of harms way.

Ive seen many electrical explanation videos. The ones ive seen from you far surpass any other!

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