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Why the name change to VogMan

Why VegOilGuy became VOG became VogMan

Firstly… I told you not to ask!

But asking isn’t a bad thing. It’s the inquisitive mind that learns, and I respect that.

My first few videos on YouTube were dedicated to promoting the benefits of vegetable oil motoring (see my other website For that reason, I adopted the name VegOilGuy – and why not?

However, I soon caught the YouTube bug and found myself posting more and more videos on a wider range of topics. At this point I started to hear from viewers questioning my choice of Channel Name and suggesting that I change it to something less specific. So, I opted for an acronym and became VOG.

And I liked VOG. I thrived under the name VOG and made it my own. People called me “Vog,” or “V – O – G,” or whatever they liked, and I didn’t mind. It was all good fun and it worked well, and my Channel slowly flourished under that name for over three years.

Then YouTube happened. Y-es.

In a classic display of organised ineptitude, YouTube effectively gave away my Channel Name to another YouTuber. I tried sorting the matter out, but pushing water uphill with a sieve would have been a simpler task than dealing with the bureaucracy of an uncaring multinational.

So, after much thought, I decided on a name change and became, for better or worse, VogMan.

I tell this story much more eloquently, and hopefully more entertainingly, in the video below.

But that’s it. I’m VogMan now… and hopefully I’ll stay that way!

I love that all of your videos are so clear and go step by step. You deserve 700,000 subscribers :)

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