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Weed Burner Upgrade to Kill Weeds Faster

Video Tutorial

Weeds are the gardeners enemy and personally I'm not a big fan of chemical weed killers. But I do like weed burners which use propane gas to incinerate the weeds in a more natural way, killing them instantly. The biggest problem is, such weed burners tend to be slow, so I made my own as I demonstrate in this short video below...


I'm not necessarily encouraging everyone to go out and make their own weed burners, though when you see the simple approach I took in the video below it's fairly easy to do. But I am encouraging them to think more carefully before they make their purchases. Larger burners are available as I do mention.

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m8, You had best see to your health or your knowledge will be lost to the next generation. I'm glad you're making these videos, though!

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